We all have a “dream home” Pinterest board! Where we pin everything that we would like to change about our current living space, but may feel like we do not have the funds or help to make it happen.

At Eloan we empower and encourage enthusiasts' dreams. That’s why we offer home improvement loans and online resources like our Home Improvement Guide to make sure those mood boards become a reality, in a simply smart way.

Before you get started with your next project, check out this step-by-step outline. It’ll help you plan, pinch pennies, get your home improvement project done on time and enjoy the experience!

Step 1: Use Your Vision as Direction

You have a unique vision for your dream home, stick to it! This vision will fuel your project and keep you excited throughout the process. To jumpstart your renovations, use a home remodeling and design expert like our partner, Houzz. It features well-researched articles on interior design and home improvement. Explore the design pieces that appeal to you, and use them as a source of inspiration!


Step 2: Set a Budget

Home improvements are an investment. Have an honest look at what it will take to finish your project (including materials and labor). If you think you’ll need a little extra cash for your renovations, think about applying for a home improvement loan. Eloan offers quick and easy personal loans, which you can use to empower your vision.

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How our home improvement loans work

Curious about how you can fund your exciting home improvement project? It all starts with a simple application! Take a few minutes to figure out how much you might need for your project, then plug that number into our loan calculator. It’ll let you know how much your monthly payments and your interest rates might be. Use this essential information to complete our easy online loan application (subject to credit approval). We’ll get back to you about your approval within a couple of days. There’s no obligation, hidden costs or origination fees. The rest is up to you!

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Step 3: Plan the Project

Without a deadline, home improvements can be weeks, even months, longer than you expected. It’s easy to add a little here, do a little more there, and have the project balloon! That’s why it’s so important to create a realistic schedule for the project completion. To do this effectively, outline each phase of the project. Under each phase, make a list of the jobs that’ll help you complete each phase. Write down an estimate for how long each job will take. Take a look at your schedule and pencil in each job on days when you have free time. Remember to build in a buffer!

Step 4: Get It Done!

Sticking to a schedule is tough. However, when it comes to home improvement, it’s critical. Very quickly, a few days off-schedule can become a few weeks. Try to follow your project schedule as best as you can. If your project starts to go more than two days off schedule, consider hiring more outside help.


Step 5: Enjoy it!

Renovations and home improvement represent new beginnings! When the project is finished, look around and tap yourself on the back because you completed something you love. Sit back and enjoy it!

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