How to Afford Your Dream Nursery

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With all the joy of welcoming a new baby comes the reality of preparing for his or her arrival. But creating the space where your little one will get dressed and be changed, have bedtime stories read, and be rocked to sleep can become expensive. Our "How to Afford Your Dream Nursery" infographic shares money-saving tips and advice for a frustration-free run at building your baby’s nest. It gives guidance on the when, where, who, and how of finding top-notch items for your baby’s room.

When should you start shopping for your baby's nursery?

As early as possible, first to figure out what you like, and then to give yourself time to find a great price on your top picks. Weeks 15-30 are when you are likely to feel your best—don’t underestimate how much harder it will be to make marathon shopping trips during the third trimester.

Where can you find high-end nursery furnishings at affordable prices?

If sale events and coupons aren't bearing fruit, try high-end consignment stores. You may find items that align with your design aesthetic and get good prices on high-end "evergreen" items that every stylish baby wants in their crib.

Who can help you navigate the murky waters of finding fantastic baby gear?

Other moms with young kids will probably know where to find the best gear at the best price. Moms with older kids, however well-intentioned, may be disconnected from the best resources for right now.

How will you know what you really need?

Any seasoned parent (young or old) can help you navigate nice-to-haves vs. need-to-haves, and speak to what toys, clothes, books, and other furnishings are practical at what age. The needs of infants and toddlers are distinct; let someone who has been through it before guide you in the right direction, helping you create a safe, healthy, happy environment for your new child.

And, if your nursery vision is complete, but your financing plan is not, consider a personal loan. Pending credit approval, loans of up to $35,000 may be available at low fixed interest rates, helping borrowers finance home improvements, wedding expenses, vacations, auto purchases and an array of other goals.

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