At Eloan we believe in one thing: getting a
personal loan should be Simply Smart!

Whether you need a personal loan to consolidate your debts, catch up with unforeseeable expenses, or simply get one step closer to your dreams, we provide you with simple and effective financial research experience based on your needs.

For over 20 years, we have empowered enthusiasts with simple and effective financial solutions that make our customers life easier!

We are enthusiasts, seeking to empower enthusiasts like us.

Our Vision

Provide people with simple and effective financial tools, simplifying their financial research process.

Our Mission

Transform data into smart, effective solutions tailored to empower enthusiasts by assisting them in their financial decision-making process with useful educational tools and resources.


E-LOAN, Inc. launches, and quickly controls 25% of the online loan market.


Yahoo makes E-LOAN, Inc. the preferred mortgage site


E-LOAN, Inc. creates the E-LOAN Auto Fund One to buy and retain prime auto loans.


E-LOAN, Inc. originates more than $5 billion in mortgage loans.


Popular, Inc. acquires E-LOAN, Inc.


E-LOAN, Inc. transitions into a deposit and loan referral business.


Eloan, now a division of BPPR, evolves into a Simply Smart online lending provider.


We keep rocking the Simply Smart Experience.


Eloan transforms its business model from an online direct lender to establishing a referral program for other online lending institutions.