At Eloan we believe in one thing: getting a loan should be simply smart!

For over 20 years we have empowered enthusiasts with simple and effective financial solutions so they can fulfill their needs, passions, and dreams. Today, we continue to offer easy loan applications so you can achieve your goals sooner than you think!

We are enthusiasts, seeking to empower enthusiasts like us.

Our Vision

Become the best fully digital bank by offering smart and effectively simple financial solutions.

Our Mission

Transform data into smart, effective solutions tailored to empower enthusiasts and improve their quality of life.

About Eloan

In 1997, during the peak of the internet’s revolution, launched as an online lender.

Inspired by the world wide web’s agility and simplicity, E-LOAN, Inc. was born with a refreshing and revolutionary promise: Radically Simple.

In 2016 Eloan became a division of Banco Popular de Puerto Rico (BPPR). BPPR is a solid financial institution with over 124 years of experience in the banking industry, governed by U.S. federal banking laws.

Twenty years later, the world has changed and Eloan has evolved with it. Today, we understand that it is not about bringing traditional lending practices online, but making an entire banking experience smarter and simpler, by empowering dreams and improving the quality of life for enthusiasts.









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Our History


Our Start, Our Acquisition, and Our New Vision

Eloan started offering online lending almost before anyone else. With our vast experience and enthusiasm, we’re proud to continue this legacy by lending you a hand and money when you need it the most.
Here’s how it all got started and how our loan services expanded.


E-LOAN, Inc. launches, and quickly controls 25% of the online loan market.


Yahoo makes E-LOAN, Inc. the preferred mortgage site


E-LOAN, Inc. creates the E-LOAN Auto Fund One to buy and retain prime auto loans.


E-LOAN, Inc. originates more than $5 billion in mortgage loans.


Popular, Inc. acquires E-LOAN, Inc.


E-LOAN, Inc. transitions into a deposit and loan referral business.


Eloan, now a division of BPPR, evolves into a Simply Smart online lending provider.